Transforming the Supply Chain for Shifting Channel & Product Demands

How has COVID-19 Impacted eCommerce, Logistics & Manufacturing?     Join a panel of logistics and retail experts for a discussion about pandemic-driven shifts in supply and demand. Find out what changes are happening now and how industries may be impacted in the coming months/years. The conversation will include the eCommerce multiplier, acceleration of technology[…]

Global Supply Chain Startup Funding at Over $12B For the Year

The amount of money going toward supply chain and logistics startups in 2019 could surpass 2018 totals considering the amount of funding already raised, according to an analysis by CB Insights. These startups raised more than $13.59 billion in 2018 and have already raised $12.47 billion in 2019, the report found. There have been 416[…]

How Drone Attacks Impact Shipping: Crude Tanker Fallout

The drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities could have far-reaching consequences for ocean shipping. There are broader implications for all vessel types – on fuel pricing, chartering sentiment and possibly even trade politics – but crude tankers are most directly in the line of fire. Financial analysts’ views on how crude-tanker companies will be[…]

Amazon’s Promising Freight Service Has a Truckload of Rivals

As Inc targets traditional brokerages that match shippers with truckers, it’s also battling a bevy of startups – including Uber Freight and a company funded by the eCommerce giant’s founder Jeff Bezos. The world’s biggest retailer made a splash in truck brokerage circles after Freight Waves reported on Friday that Amazon’s service, launched in[…]

Germany’s Merck Introduces Automation to Supply Chain

Wall Street Journal German pharmaceuticals firm Merck KGaA’s health-care division plans to deploy artificial intelligence and predictive analytics throughout its entire supply chain by the end of 2019, said Alessandro de Luca, chief information officer for the division. Occupying the forward edge of an industry-wide shift towards automated supply chains comes with a competitive advantage, Mr. de[…]

Supply Chain Woes Leave Boeing, Airbus Struggling to Deliver

While aircraft manufacturers have encountered delays before, those were usually about integrating new designs and assembly methods rather than the scale of production. Increased demand has challenged jet makers’ supply chains to keep up, leading to shortages of crucial components such as engines and wing assemblies. Airbus and Boeing are scheduled to deliver 1,830 passenger[…]

Monday News Roundup

We gathered a few interesting articles from the past week to share. DHL Committed to Delivering Excellent Service to KFC Logistics Manager / March 9, 2018 Trucking Firm Fined for Overcharging Postal Service American Shipper / March 13, 2018 Medicine’s Long, Thin Supply Chain Wired / March 5, 2018 America’s Economic Strength Built on Global[…]