2Q US MarketBeat

No Signs of Slowing Demand Growing Stronger U.S. industrial markets absorbed 64.1 million square feet (msf) in the second quarter of 2018, up 4.9% from the same period a year ago, and propelled year-to date absorption to 126 msf. Demand during the second quarter continued to be impressive and broad-based. Leasing velocity accelerated in nearly[…]

2Q18 Jacksonville MarketBeat Reports

Strong Market Fundamentals The Jacksonville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) saw significant job growth in the second quarter of 2018. The region continued to be a magnet for business relocations and expansions which fueled solid gains in population. The unemployment rate fell to 3.2% in May, down -70 basis points (bps) over the last 12 months[…]

Strong Economic Start. No Signs of Slowing.

The economy’s underlying fundamentals remain solid, underpinned by a robust job market. An average of 202,000 new jobs were created every month in 2018—more than the monthly averages in both 2016 and 2017. Stimulus from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will keep demand for office space growing at a strong pace. Office-using[…]

U.S. Economy Positioned to Perform Well in 2018

There is renewed confidence in the economy, higher levels of real discretionary income are anticipated, and stronger global growth is expected to support U.S. economic expansion. For the fourth quarter, job gains averaged 204,000 per month. For all of 2017, U.S. firms created nearly 2.1 million new jobs. In addition, tax reform should bolster the[…]

U.S. Industrial MarketBeat Q1 2017

U.S. industrial markets absorbed 53.8 million square feet (MSF) of space in the first quarter of 2017, well above the quarterly absorption average of 49.3 MSF witnessed during the current economic expansion.  As a result, the national industrial vacancy rate continued to tighten, falling 20 basis point from Q4 2016 to 5.3%.  U.S. Industrial rents[…]

U.S. Marketbeat Reports Q4 2016

The U.S. economy in 2016 was characterized by steady growth in the face of uncertainty.The year began with steep declines in global equity markets in response to concerns about a slowdown in China, the Europe replaced Asia as the focal point of global anxiety after the Brexit vote. In the fourth quarter, the U.S. unexpectedly[…]