How Drone Attacks Impact Shipping: Crude Tanker Fallout

The drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities could have far-reaching consequences for ocean shipping. There are broader implications for all vessel types – on fuel pricing, chartering sentiment and possibly even trade politics – but crude tankers are most directly in the line of fire. Financial analysts’ views on how crude-tanker companies will be[…]

Tariff Whiplash is Already Taking a Toll on Retail

Welcome to the era of trade chaos for retail. Beginning in May, retailers lived with the official reality that a huge swatch of Chinese goods — known as “tranche four” which covers pretty much everything that hasn’t already gone through tariff increases — would get a 25% tariff. Retailers and analysts from nearly every sector[…]

Rolls-Royce Teams Up with Intel on Autonomous Ships

Rolls-Royce is partnering with Intel to conquer the immense amount of data required to make autonomous container ships a reality. With shipping, the data from these sensors are at greater scale than in other autonomous vehicle applications, which is why Intel processors are being added to the ships and data centers on land. This collaboration[…]

Food Could Sit Rotting if A Brexit Deal Isn’t Reached

Perishable goods are particularly at risk when supply chains are delayed, and U.K. and EU food producers are on edge as the clock ticks down to the planned date of Brexit next March. Under current trade agreements, food products can move quickly between the European mainland and the U.K. For example, salad greens can go[…]

Trade Dispute with China Threatens US Container Exports

A day after President Trump ordered tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports, China clapped back by imposing $3 billion per year of tariffs on U.S. pork, aluminum, steel pipes, fruit, and wine. The commodities that China threatened retaliatory tariffs on made up 3.1% of the 2.8 million TEUs in total U.S. containerized exports to[…]

Rejected Freight Stings US Shippers

Typically, after the third and fourth quarters (the busy holiday season), trucking companies see a slow in demand. This year that is not the case. Shipper frustration is building due to some top truckload companies adding surcharges or rejecting freight out right because of the overwhelming demand seen in this atypically busy season. Over the[…]

Trucking Firms Facing Recruitment Problems Ahead of Holidays

Freight companies are facing competition from within their industry as well as from construction and energy firms for drivers Trucking companies are worried about finding enough drivers now that the freight market is recovering. Shipping demand is strengthening after a roughly two-year slump, as manufacturing activity expands and retailers stock up in advance of the[…]

Record-setting cargo moved through Jacksonville Port Authority terminals

Aided by a rising economic tide, the Jacksonville Port Authority posted record numbers for shipping automobiles and cargo containers during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. The port authority’s terminals broke through the 1 million mark for cargo container units, posting a 7-percent annual increase in shipments of the metal boxes that contain a[…]

Sea container imports seen better than expected in holiday period, report says

Sea container imports seen better than expected in holiday period, report says Container flows projected up 7 percent in December, more than double original forecasts. By DC Velocity Staff Import traffic at the nation’s 11 major container ports is expected to have risen more than originally predicted during the holiday period, according to the monthly[…]