Clicks-to-Bricks: Holiday Shopping is Full Speed Ahead

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday rapidly approaching, Cushman & Wakefield’s resident experts on bricks-and-mortar retail and newCommerce, Garrick Brown and Ben Conwell, are providing their take on the looming holiday shopping season. They will cover everything from the “Christmas Creep” and labor shortages, to who will win the Toy War.  Read more.

Acting Fast to Slow Machinist Turnover

A.R.E. Manufacturing Inc. is a family-owned contract machine shop located in Newberg, Oregon. What started out of a garage as a two-person business has grown into an established company with nearly 50 employees that specializes in the manufacture of machined components using high precision CNC equipment: vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers with pallet systems[…]

How Sustainable is the Food Packaging Industry?

As more consumers search for sustainable packaging options, food and beverage companies are forced to make tough decisions about their products. From producers and companies to retailers, consumers and recycling organizations, packaging can affect the whole supply chain. The challenge for packaging manufacturers becomes determining what new innovations and materials are the best investments. Several[…]

Trade War Remapping Automotive Manufacturing

The U.S. and Canada agreed to their portion of the NAFTA reboot this week. The new trade agreement has been renamed the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, or NAFTA 2. New USMCA rules require a higher level of local content for automotive manufacturers in order for finished vehicles to qualify for duty-free shipping between the three[…]

Sweet Spot of Spec Warehouse Design

By Jason West In response to advancements in technology and the growth of eCommerce, warehouses have evolved over the years, with upgraded docks, wider column spacing, higher ceilings, and better truck flow. In fact, developers are consistently pushing the envelope to make buildings that are bigger and better, begging the question, what is the ideal building[…]

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Thriving in eCommerce Revolution

By Jeff Green and Ben Conwell There has undoubtedly been a dramatic shift in the retail industry over the past several years. Consumers can purchase almost anything from the comfort of their own homes and have it on their doorsteps within hours. eCommerce has become the new norm, and the trend is forcing some retailers to downsize, consider[…]

The government may want to buy your dying mall

Local governments worry that dying malls will blight the landscape, so they are buying them up. Local governments across the U.S. are taking over dying shopping malls. These municipalities, concerned that vacated retail centers will blight the landscape and drag down surrounding property values, have been buying up malls they fear are being starved of[…]

A decade in review: E‑commerce sales vs. retail sales for 2007‑2017

Online retail sales to consumers in the U.S. crossed $453 billion in 2017 by the U.S. Commerce Department’s measure, a 16.0% jump compared with 2016. That’s the biggest jump since 2010, and far eclipses the growth in retail sales in physical stores, which reached 3.6% last year. It means that e-commerce now accounts for 13% of total retail[…]

Germany’s Merck Introduces Automation to Supply Chain

Wall Street Journal German pharmaceuticals firm Merck KGaA’s health-care division plans to deploy artificial intelligence and predictive analytics throughout its entire supply chain by the end of 2019, said Alessandro de Luca, chief information officer for the division. Occupying the forward edge of an industry-wide shift towards automated supply chains comes with a competitive advantage, Mr. de[…]

Driverless Cars, Blockchain, and Other Transformative Technologies

While the real impact to commercial real estate is more than 10 years away for many technologies, disruption in the near term will be generated from a few—namely ridesharing, autonomous mobile robotics for eCommerce fulfillment, and electric vehicles. CRE players will need to focus on flexibility and efficiencies to adapt to changing paradigms brought on[…]

NYC Unveils $100M Plans to Modernize Distribution

There is little doubt that America’s infrastructure is lacking, if not close to crumbling. The American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card gives its condition a grade of D+. Other disturbing notes from the study estimate it would require $3.7 trillion by 2025 to raise the grade to a B, a $2 trillion[…]

What If Your Grocery Orders Were Prepared in a Tiny Robot Warehouse?

Your local supermarket could soon be home to a miniature robotic warehouse. Boston-area startup Takeoff Technologies is developing what it calls micro fulfillment centers. These will be small, heavily automated grocery distribution facilities that could be located inside existing supermarkets and used to quickly assemble orders for delivery or customer pickup. Putting them in existing[…]

Supply Chain Woes Leave Boeing, Airbus Struggling to Deliver

While aircraft manufacturers have encountered delays before, those were usually about integrating new designs and assembly methods rather than the scale of production. Increased demand has challenged jet makers’ supply chains to keep up, leading to shortages of crucial components such as engines and wing assemblies. Airbus and Boeing are scheduled to deliver 1,830 passenger[…]

Walmart Patents Employee Surveillance System

Walmart recently obtained a patent for a surveillance system that would use a series of sensors placed around the checkout area to monitor audio data. This data includes beeps, the sound of bags rustling, and conversations between shoppers and associates. The patent’s text suggests that the intended use would be tracking performance metrics for employees[…]

Food Could Sit Rotting if A Brexit Deal Isn’t Reached

Perishable goods are particularly at risk when supply chains are delayed, and U.K. and EU food producers are on edge as the clock ticks down to the planned date of Brexit next March. Under current trade agreements, food products can move quickly between the European mainland and the U.K. For example, salad greens can go[…]

2Q US MarketBeat

No Signs of Slowing Demand Growing Stronger U.S. industrial markets absorbed 64.1 million square feet (msf) in the second quarter of 2018, up 4.9% from the same period a year ago, and propelled year-to date absorption to 126 msf. Demand during the second quarter continued to be impressive and broad-based. Leasing velocity accelerated in nearly[…]